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Scaffolding and capability building

Harold Jarche

Jane Hart’s recent post on changing the role of L&D (learning & development) explains how training departments need to move beyond packaging content and toward scaffolding and capability building.

What I like about this matrix is that it makes it easier to describe my professional services in the organizational learning area. I have highlighted my areas of focus in red. The rest is not really...

E-Learning Authoring Tool Comparison

E-Learning Uncovered

We get lots of questions about our opinion on the major e-learning authoring tools.  A while back, I did a comparison grid to help outline the key differences.  There have been a lot of changes to the authoring tool landscape in the last 12 months, so I thought I’d update it. 

The following table summarizes my personal opinion on the matter.  I’m sure many (perhaps even some on my own team...

O prawie do zapomnienia i o tym, dlaczego social media nie są „od czapy”

<strong>O prawie do zapomnienia i o tym, </strong><br/>dlaczego social media nie są "od czapy"Facebook Graph Search. Dosłownie przed chwilą Maciek Budzich wrzucił info o LipDubie Orange'a. A mnie się przypomniały słowa 18-letniej Tess, uczestniczki Consumer...

4. When the need is for skills


Designing blended solutions

Skills matter a great deal more at work than knowledge. Skills are the abilities to do things, to put knowledge into practice. As such, they directly impact on performance. There is really only one way to acquire skills and that is through practice, ideally with the aid of specific, timely and relevant feedback. If there is one consistent fault with the training programmes that most...

Wybrać narodowość

Paweł Tkaczyk

Obywatelstwo jako przynależność do wspólnoty danego państwa deprecjonuje się, tak samo jak deprecjonuje się celebrytyzm. I nie jest to wcale złą rzeczą. Powiem więcej, może to mieć rewelacyjny wpływ na marketing miast i gmin. Chcesz posłuchać?

Pod koniec 2012 roku Francja straszyła widmem wprowadzenia horrendalnie wysokiego podatku dochodowego dla swoich najbogatszych obywateli. Ci, którzy...

21 Reasons Why You Should Have Paid Attention In Science Class

BuzzFeed - Latest

You messed up. SCIENCE RULES!

Because you would understand what's happening with this mercury:

Because you would understand what's happening with this mercury:

Via: avocadokitten

Because you would understand why the devil spawns from mercury (II) thiocyanate:

Because you would understand why the devil spawns from mercury (II) thiocyanate:

Via: holymoleculesbatman

Because you would understand what's happening with this electrical treeing:

Because you would understand what's happening with this electrical treeing:


Because you would understand why your cup of coffee just p...

Here's Something At CES That I Actually Want To See [Video]


A Russian company called Displair is pitching a 3D display that's made up of air. No glass, no screen, no keyboard. They claim it is coming to the United States later this year, initially in some kind of business-to-business application. Is this another step toward the world of Minority Report? Or just a cool idea that will come to nothing?

Check out the video below, plus a bunch of others in...

IAC Buys

Forbes Real Time

IAC/Interactive this morning said it has acquired, an online turing service. Terms were not disclosed. The company said New York-based, founded in 1998, "connects students anytime, anywhere with more than 2,500 screened and qualified tutors for immediate one-to-one sessions." The service includes K-12 subjects, as well as AP courses, [...]

Explania: A Useful Source For Free Educational Videos



Whether or not you prescribe to the idea that there are different types of learners there are some scenarios in which a visual explanation is extremely helpful in understanding the subject matter at hand.

The post Explania: A Useful Source For Free Educational Videos appeared first on Edudemic.

Nagrywanie lekcji


Coraz więcej instytucji nagrywa kontakty swoich pracowników z klientami. Niedługo nawet rozprawy sądowe będą rejestrowane kamerą. Prawdopodobnie czeka to też szkoły. Gdy rozmawiam o tym pomyśle ze znajomymi, to nie wiem, kto bardziej się boi - uczniowie czy nauczyciele? Korzyści z … Czytaj dalej

Camtasia Captures Voice for the Voiceless

eLearning Learning

Cheryl & Dan Keith. Dan Keith is, in my opinion, a creative powerhouse and someone TechSmith will be watching throughout 2013. With many years of experiences to share, Dan is using technology to find the voice he once had. Dan permanently lost his voice due to medical complications. Who is Dan Keith? Dan lives with his wife in San Acacia, N.M.,

Brought to you by: eLearning Learning

Jagiellońska Biblioteka Cyfrowa wyprzedza inne biblioteki cyfrowe


Od końca grudnia Jagiellońska Biblioreka Cyfrowa (JBC) jest największą biblioteką cyfrową w Polsce. Biblioteka udostępnia ponad 183 tys. publikacji. Pod względem liczby publikacji JBC dorównała dotychczasowemu liderowi wśród bibliotek zrzeszonych w Federacji Bibliotek Cyfrowych - Wielkopolskiej Bibliotece Cyfrowej. JBC tworzona jest jednak przez jedną zaledwie instytucję, a Wielkopolską...

Jakość e-learningu – nowe wydanie podręcznika

Na CeLowniku Internet i nowa edukacja

Centrum e-Learningu uczestniczy od dwóch lat w projekcie na temat zapewniania jakości e-learningu w uczelniach wyższych E-xcellence NEXT. Podczas projektu zostało zorganizowane lokalne seminarium z udziałem naszych pracowników oraz przedstawicieli środowisk związanych z oceną jakości procesu kształcenia. Przewodniczący Komisji Akredytacyjnej Uczelni Technicznych (KAUT), prof. dr hab...

True professionals don't fear amateurs

Seth's Blog

Professional farmers don't begrudge the backyard gardener his tomato harvest. That's silly.

And talented mechanics certainly don't mind the antics of the Car Talk guys (or their listeners). Sooner or later, if you need a real mechanic, you'll find one, and if you don't, well, that's fine too.

A few years ago, typesetting, wedding photography, graphic design and other endeavors that were...

The Other Person is Never the Problem


By Leo Babauta

In countless little ways each day, we blame other people for our frustrations.

They irritate us, don’t do things the right way, are incompetent, rude, inconsiderate, bad drivers, too slow, not tidy, boring, uncaring.

And yet, we will always be frustrated if we stick to this mindset.

We will always be angry, offended, hurt, disappointed. There will be no end to the offenses humanity c...

Polski przykład „świata hybrydowego” – Like-o-matic by Jamel

<strong>Polski przykład "świata hybrydowego"</strong><br/> - Like-o-matic by Jamelniedawno pisałam o tym, że nie ma już dwóch światów, że jest jeden, hybrydowy, w którym nie wiadomo, gdzie zaczyna się online i offline. Podawałam sporo przykładów potwierdzających ten trend, ale wszystkie zachodnie. No i dziś rano, chłopaki z Jamela (tak, to ta sama agencja, która robiła nową wersję mojego bloga - mam nosa! :)) zrobili "mi" niespodziankę. Mianowicie...

Angelo Badalamenti: “That’s how it was done.”

Cameron Moll / Designer, Speaker, Author

This is terrific, beautiful storytelling. Angelo Badalamenti, composer of the theme for TV series “Twin Peaks”, describes how the music came to life in a conversation with the show’s creator, David Lynch.

/via @elliotjaystocks

Lights, Camera, Inaction: The Onion’s Take on TED

Duarte Blog

Compelling speakers. Powerful visuals. A captive audience. And remarkably stupid ideas.

This is the premise of “Talks,” a two-month-old video series from the comic geniuses at The Onion. “Talks” pokes fun at all of the pageantry of presentation events like PopTech, TED, and TechCrunch—with the speakers, the audience, and the format itself all getting their due. And, for the...

Berenice Abbott’s Minimalist Black-and-White Science Imagery, 1958-1960

Brain Pickings

The abstract beauty of science, made dramatically visible.

Photographer Berenice Abbott(1898-1991) might be best-remembered for her striking black-and-white prints of New York’s changing face in the 1930s, but she was also intensely interested in science and in making the abstract elegance and beauty of science visible and concrete. In 1939, she began experimenting with scientific imagery and...

How To Be Less Distracted By Technology


focus in technology

It might be time to take a moment and slowly comb through these 25 tools to help you actually focus and be less distracted by technology.

The post How To Be Less Distracted By Technology appeared first on Edudemic.

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